Churn Rate: The annual percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service or employees leave a job.

Project Definition

This project uses a dataset of users from a fictitiously created music streaming service called ‘Sparkify’ to predict the churn rate of users from paid subscriptions to free subscriptions (cancellations) and from free subscriptions to paid subscriptions (upgrades). The purpose of this projects is to examine how we might be able to predict what type of user is most likely to cancel or upgrade their subscription using the Apache Spark analytics engine.

Understanding the churn rate associated with a set of users can help organizations create data-driven strategies to either retain members of a customer base or create campaigns to…

When you apply for a loan, what kind of variables does the lender take into consideration to determine whether your application should be approved or denied?

We all know that the lender will do things such as perform credit checks, request a list of incomes and assets, and do a comprehensive check of our financial history and previous loan history. But do any of these factors weigh more heavily in the decision to approve or deny a loan? …

Jesse Peterson

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